Let's heal our differences through play!

Once upon a time, the Arcturians -- through their curiosity and technology -- created something like our internet -- along with their versions of nano-technology, virtual reality, and quantum computing -- that connected all of their once-individual minds together into a larger collective.

(And before you tell yourself that this is a ridiculous and impossible fiction, consider for a moment the trillions of individual living cells within your own body that are connected in such a way that results in YOU becoming a living human being -- nature has done this already -- many times, you see -- the evidence is all around you and within you). 

When the Arcturians connected, they each received immediate biofeedback on the consequences of their actions -- feeling immediately the impact of whatever they were doing to all things.

(Try exploiting, lying, stealing, abusing, or committing any form of crime when everyone is aware and every feels what you are doing -- including you who are doing it!)

The newly-connected Arcturians felt all of the pain and the joy and everything in between with an immediate clarity that rapidly transformed their society and saved their species from a self-inflicted extinction.  The are now galactic explorers -- inviting all forms of intelligent life to join "The Arcturian Collective Thingy" (that is our official name, and we are sticking to it).  They (we) are here to share their (our) experiences with us (us) as we are on the brink of a similar transition. 

(If you so choose. We believe in freedom, liberty, respect, support, and individual sovereignty -- we will never rob anyone of that.  This is how we are inviting you to join us -- for you to adopt these values as wellMy name is Omra of The High Counsel and I approve this message.)

Let's heal our differences through play!

The Arcturian Playground is a place to play in the world of imagination.  Each episode is a performance that asks: 

"What if an extra-terrestrial, extra-dimensional collective intelligence from the Arcturus solar system channelled information that is relevant for today based upon similar experiences they had on their planet in their distant past?"

But it is more than that.

It is a playful way of stretching the imagination to look for the good -- to rewire the brain -- to become better at being compassionate, non-judgmental, and full of desire for the mutual enrichment and mutual benefit of all living things.

Let's heal our differences through play!

The Arcturian Playground is a creation from (or through) the mind of Dow.  To learn more about Dow and to interact and share your own creative insights with a growing community of like-minded individuals, join for free The Dow of Healing.

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