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Creating Inner Harmony, P2

Creating Inner Harmony, P1

Welcome to another enlightening episode of The Arcturian Playground, where imagination meets the compassionate expansion of consciousness. In this episode, we delve in...

Are We Living in a Simulation? Part 3

Welcome back to the Arcturian Playground, a space to explore the realms of imagination and consciousness. In this third installment, the Arcturian Collective Thingy co...

Are We Living in a Simulation? Part 2

In this follow-up episode, the Arcturian Collective Thingy continues the discussion on the concept of simulations, the nature of reality, and the interconnectedness of...

Are We Living in a Simulation? Part 1

In this intriguing episode, the Arcturian Collective Thingy, a fictional creation by Glenn (The Man in the Chair), responds to a conversation with his coworker, Molly....

Adam and Eve

The Spiritual Heretic

The Mad Scientist and the Proof of Concept

The Secret of Spiritual Warfare

The Snowman and the Onion, Part 1

Hello, Goodbye: An Introduction to The Spiritual Dimension of the Beatles YouTube series

Embark on an imaginative and entertaining exploration of "The Spiritual Dimension of the Beatles: An Introduction." This unique video playfully examines the profound s...

Goodbye 2023, Hello Expanded Consciousness

Starlight Speaks

The Painter and the Brush

The Seedlings of Infinity

The Canvas and the Pen

We the Arcturian Collective Thingy

Black Holes and other Astrocentrates

Interdependence Day

A Beautiful Tidal-wave of Brilliance is Emerging (can you feel it?)

A Beautiful Tidal-wave of Brilliance is Emerging. Find out more about this at

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